Monday, May 28, 2012

What's In A Name?

Guess now's a good a time as any to say Hi! So... HI!!
My name is Tia Maria. Yep... I'm THAT girl, the one with a rhyming name. It's also Hispanic, yet I have ZERO Latina blood in me. That's ok tho, I've learned to be proud of my name. You see, it was my mother's pen name. What's a pen name, you ask? I'll tell you! It's a 'fake' name poets and novelists often give themselves to protect their 'real' identity. So, Tia Maria was my mother's pen name in high school when she wrote lots of poetry. Some of which I still have!
Why am I proud of it now you ask? Well, that's a long story, but I'll give you the short version. I lost my mom in a very tragic way in 1996. I was just about to turn 14. I'll always remember and love her. So a lot of the things I hated as a child and very young teen, I cherish now.

You're probably wondering why I decided to start writing. Well, I wanted to add another forum and branch of my business. So I thought would tell you in the first post why I chose the business name that I did.

Hart Of Karen Creations.

Most people assume that I am Karen. Well, as you know from reading above, I am  not. However, remember when I told you that my name, Tia Maria, was my mother's pen name? Well, I decided to name my business in honor of her. Yep, her name was Karen Hart. Karen Yvonne Hart to be exact. Even gave my daughter her middle name. But I'll go over all of that another time.
So I want to keep her memory alive in every way I can, So I chose to immortalize her with the business. It's MINE. I could chose any name I wanted. I toyed with a few, but this one just hit me like a punch in the face. And it just flows off the tongue. And my very good friend, a graphic designer, said the typography just fits perfectly as far as my logo goes. It just is perfect. And it isn't item specific. I can keep creating and adding things as often as I want! I'm not limited to a specific audience.

So there it is. My first post, my introduction and a business introduction of sorts all in one!
Here is a photo from 1989. I was 7.
Karen Yvonne Hart ~ August 10, 1956 - March 20, 1996

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