Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why did you start?

So, why did I start making things? I'll tell you!

I'm a SAHM (stay at home mom). This is a choice that my hubby and I made way before we even had children. We were high school sweethearts, got married a year & a half after high school and had our first child, our son, 4 years later. DJ (David Junior) is now 5. My very last day of working outside the home was a week before he was born. We knew that would be the last, so we were prepared. Our daughter, Makenna, was born 3 1/2 years later. Some days it's the BEST 'job' in the world... other days, I want to pull ALL our hair out!

We were SO ready to have our little girl! We were ecstatic for our boy too, but this time we were in our new home, back in Kentucky, just ready for a new start. We decorated her room (not that she would need it for a while!) all by ourselves, re-did dressers, she had a closet full of clothes... and a basket full of headbands and bows/ flowers! They were huge on my little 5lb baby's head!
I got tired of seeing the big Gerber daises. We had one to match every color of outfit, but they just swallowed her head! And they were so impersonal and cheap looking. So I started looking at how they were made and decided I could do that!
SO... I did!! I went to craft stores and dollar stores and bought flowers to take apart and create my own designs and color combos. My dining room got COMPLETELY taken over. My husband said it looked like a craft store 'threw up' in our house.
I definitely got better with time and practice. No glue marks all over, using lined clips eventually... Then I had people start asking about them. Mostly my friends on Cafemom, a forum for moms that I belong to. I had one friend especially take a liking to them and encouraged me to make more. She lived all the way in Alaska! And honestly, she's the one who made me decide to start selling. I could tell there were other moms out there who wanted some variety!

Thus my obsession began!

Here are a few of the first ones I did...

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