Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy & HOT!!

My GOODNESS it's been HOT here in Kentucky! My kiddos and I have been hanging out at the pool, at the kiddie pool in our yard and in the house! I just feel bad for my hubby - being a Utility Lineman, he's stuck outside 60+ hours a week.

What have you been doing to beat the heat?

As far as crafting - I've been working on getting my craft room back in order - and I'm almost there! Have to do a little at a time with two little guys under foot all the time! Trying to really organize this time, so maybe... just maybe it can stay that way!

I started making ALL of my own BottleCap images as well... just really working on it and trying to perfect them. Have a  couple of custom orders to finish up this week, then I can work more on stock for the store. Really would like to get some more Tutu choices up!

I've also been honored to host a few buy-ins for craft supplies in a couple of groups on Facebook. Thanks SO much to Mommy Crafts A Lot aka Linda Holland for allowing me to get started with it!

What's been up in your neck of the woods??

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